SEPTIMANIA / Jonathan Levi

It’s 1978; Pope John Paul has died after only 30 days in office; Aldo Moro, former Italian Prime Minister, is kidnapped and killed.  In this world, a beautiful, magical story of true love and destiny unfolds.  Enter Malory, Isaac Newton expert and organ-tuner and Louiza, eccentric math whiz.  They have one fateful encounter from which she leaves […]

3 martini lunch

Three-martini lunch / Suzanne Rindell

This book chronicles the lives of three 20 something people during the 1950’s in Greenwich Village.  Cliff Nelson, the son of a famed publisher and editor, is trying to become the next great novelist.  Miles Tillman, a recent graduate of Columbia University and gifted writer, is struggling with his father’s long ago death and legacy.  […]

summer before the war

The summer before the war / Helen Simonson

A novel of English country manners slowly turns more serious when the Germans invade Belgium and England enters World War I.   Beatrice Nash arrives in Rye, Sussex to teach Latin in the town’s school.  A female teacher, especially a young attractive one who would teach Latin, was quite shocking to Rye’s powers-that-be.  Agatha Kent and […]