The Madonnas of Leningrad / Debra Dean

This book is quietly heart-wrenching. Not in the overt showing of what it was like to be trapped in a dying war-torn city, as Marina was. That particular sadness was woven into every page. But in the understated exploration of what it’s like to slowly lose yourself or your loved one to Alzheimer’s, Dean shines. […]


A doubter’s almanac / Ethan Canin

A Doubter’s Almanac is a novel about addiction, repetition, and the nature of genius.  Milo Andret is a prize-winning mathematician who solves a famous topology problem.  Meanwhile, his addiction to alcohol costs him his career at Princeton and ultimately separates him from his wife and two children.  Milo’s son and daughter seem to inherit the […]


The round house / Louise Erdrich

Joe Coutts and his parents are a typical Ojibwe family living in North Dakota.  Joe’s  mother, Geraldine, is a tribal enrollment specialist and  his father, Bazil  is a tribal judge.  After Geraldine is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant, she falls into a deep depression.  Many factors are in play after Geraldine reveals she does […]