When Rachela Karnokovitch, the world’s most prominent female mathematician dies, all her adult son Sasha want wants to do is to grieve privately, but, that is not to be. Rumor spreads among her colleagues that she had solved a world-famous problem in mathematics but had died before revealing the solution and claiming the million dollar […]


THE PORTABLE VEBLEN / Elizabeth McKenzie

Veblen and Paul get engaged and you wonder what they have in common.  One thing they don’t have in common is Veblen’s obsession with squirrels.  She thinks she can talk to the squirrels – or at least one in particular – and Paul wants to trap the pesky squirrel in the attic to get rid […]


BEARTOWN / Fredrik Backman

Fredrik Backman has written a new book about a small town in Sweden and the community’s strong commitment to its junior boys hockey team.  And yet, it is so much more.  It is about how a small isolated town functions, the roles residents assume, and how people react to a violent act committed by one […]