The guest room / Chris Bohjalian

The guest room in this book gets trashed during an over-the-top bachelor party thrown by Richard for his younger brother Philip.  The entertainment was slated to be bad-boy play – strippers and lap dances – but turned out to involve taking turns with a couple of prostitutes.  Worse, it turned out that the women were sex slaves, victims of an international sex trafficking cartel.  Bad stuff happens at the party which upends the lives of all involved – primarily Richard, his family, and the prostitutes.  We get detailed background on how the girls were abducted (from Russia and Armenia) and how they were brought to America.  All of Bohjalian’s books are rigorously researched and this one is no exception; it gives what I believe is a realistic view of this sadistic practice, and at the same time tells and engaging story.     Elaine 11/28/2016

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