When the air hits your brain : tales from neurology / Frank Vertosick

According to the author, his unusual title is taken from the first rule of neurosurgery: “You ain’t ever the same when the air hits your brain.”  Vertosick, a wannabe cardiologist, reluctantly stumbled into a neurosurgical residency decades ago and became a prominent neurosurgeon, but this is not some boring, “Aren’t I great?” memoir. During his grueling surgical residency and subsequent career, he never loses sight of the fact there are no do overs when operating on the brain and nervous system. With humility and humor, Vertosick provides insight into his training, the nerve-wracking, daily life of a neurosurgeon, and a selection of noteworthy tales about ordinary people whose very lives are prolonged or ended by neurosurgery.  Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, states: “This book should be read by every medical student, doctor and present or potential patient. In other words, by all of us.” I listened to a dramatic narration of this work and I couldn’t agree more.   Val 2/1/2017

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