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In Motion Bloomfield Township Public Library Photo Contest - Online Voting

Dizzy Point of View

Long Beach Jellyfish

Bakery Buzz


Orange Gush

Nuku Liʻiliʻi

Moving On Out

Fountain of Water

I'm On My Way

Fire Dancing

Just Jump

Anna in Flight

Glaring Back


Benji Run

Park Time

Behind the Waterfall

The 3 Muchachos!



An Extraordinary Performance in Pursuit of Miss Asia Crown

Nani Kahakai

GoGo Run

Posting The Colors

Cotton Candy

How Far Can It Go

In Flight Motion

Snow Jumping

Game, Set, Match!

The Invasion

Calm and Wild

Color Explosion

Mom and Juliet

Motion Through Time

The Joy of Dancing

Sun Going Down Over the D

Goose Pond

Stormy Weather

Watching The Water Fall

Death of the Day

Mermaid Out of Water

Such Great Heights

Washed Away

Flight of the Chimes

Thundersticks for Hooper

Skateboarding in a Decorated Alley

Sunset Fish Patrol

Purple Haze

Reflections In St. Augustine

Bon Voyage

Sunset Fish Patrol 2

Intersecting Arches

Weaver Bird Building Nest

9-11 E-motion-al

Chop Chop

Duck Swim Class

Moving Sunrise

Latin Ladies in Motion

Look Out Here I Come

Swimming By

Aviary Motion

Heaven, Earth, and Child in Motion

Moving Directions & Frank

Gliding Grab

Inner Strength

Above It All

Bubble Gum Blob


Juliet In My Car

Wait For Me

Skating on the Wall

Shedd-ing Some Light On Things

Sugar Snow

Summer Fun at Lake Michigan

PURE JOY (on Square Lake, Bloomfield Township 2019-08

Sugar's First Snow

No Looking Back

Blowing Rocks

Falling During Fall


Caffe with Vespa, Trastevere

Water in Motion

4 Raining Birdies


Water Fall

The Winning Talent at the Miss Asia Beauty Pageant


Remembering Our Heroes

Sarah Myers on the Sno Bike!

Horse Bomb Selfie

...Walking Out

...Walking, Guess Where

Little Fishy

Flying Through the Clouds

Sky Below

Four Feet Off the Ground

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