Beginners may want to go through these self-paced learning sites in order:

Computer Basics Tutorial – Everything you need to learn about being online, from computer basics to how a computer works, to understanding what the cloud means.

Gale Courses – literally dozens of detailed courses on technology and computer topics, from using Photoshop to every kind of software program you can imagine.  Each course runs 6 weeks, and a new series of courses starts once a month.  All material is written and you work on it at your own pace.   For Township residents – check out the list and the next session starting time at the website.

Colorado Virtual Library Tech Help – Start with “The Very Basics” and go from there: answers to all your questions, from how to turn on your computer, to saving and storing photos.

AARP TEK – AARP offers online how-to videos and buying information on a number of topics, from using smartphones and tablets to staying safe online.  The information is free and available to everyone.