On Deman Lectures October 2020

The 19th Century Origins of Football: From Folk Football to Soccer, Rugby and American Football

Unfortunately, we were not able to embed the following videos in the Zoom version of the presentation. If possible, we suggest that you view these clips before the presentation especially the Kirkwall ‘Ba Game and the Ashbourne / Alnwick clips as they give a flavor of the “festival” version of the historic folk football game.

The Eton and Harrow games provide public school variations of football that were played before the standardization of the game in the late 19th century.

  1. Kirkwall ‘Ba game (start at 2:00; end at 3:45)
  2. Ashbourne / Alnwick Shrovetide game, 1936 (entire clip)
  3. Eton Wall Game (start at 0:20, end at 1:20)

Note: players moving from “off-sides” in-front of the ball to an on-sides position behind the ball

  1. Harrow Game (start at the beginning, end at 1:45)

Note: the ball size and shape, catching the ball, fair catch, free kick, off-sides and the goal posts.

  1. Rugby drop kicks – the unique scoring method of rugby (start at the beginning, end at 0:45)
  1. Princeton vs Harvard, 1919 (start at 4:00 to see passing. End 5:00)