December New Book Releases

Year one – Nora Roberts – In this launch of a sweeping hardcover trilogy, No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Roberts goes dystopic, conjuring a world where both government and the electrical grid have failed and half the population is destroyed by a virus. Fortunately, a community of spirited survivors, including former New Yorkers Lana and Max, are willing to begin again.

The demon crown – James Rollins – Those bones encased in amber and buried in the nation’s capital by a group of concerned scientists, with Alexander Graham Bell in the lead? Sure, they contain the secret of life after death, but they are also linked to an unimaginable horror from the past that could wipe out humankind. And with their unearthing during a construction project, the horror is out, and Sigma Force must join forces with its very worst enemy—the newly resurrected Guild—to defeat it.

Enchantress of numbers – Jennifer Chiaverini – Leave it to Chiaverini, the New York Times best-selling author of numerous effective portrayals of historically significant women, to take on the redoubtable Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace, Lord Byron’s only legitimate child. Trained from the nursery in science and mathematics by her mathematician mother, determined that Ada not follow her father’s wild ways, Ada became enthralled with Charles Babbage’s calculating machine and is now regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. Here she has secrets to learn about her estranged parents, too.

Bobby Flay fit – Bobby Flay – With a profession that has him constantly developing and tasting new recipes, chef Bobby Flay does not eschew any foods: bread, bacon, and butter are still all on the table. His secret to staying healthy is to have on hand an arsenal of low-calorie flavor bombs—like rubs, relishes, and marinades—to transform lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh produce into craveworthy meals at home. In Bobby Flay Fit, Bobby shares smoothies and juices, breakfast bowls, snacks to fuel workouts, hearty salads, nourishing soups, satisfying dinners, and lightened-up desserts. With fitness tips and a look into the chef’s daily healthy routines, this cookbook is for those who want to eat right without overhauling their pantries or sacrificing taste.

The only girl in the world – Maude Julien – Drawing comparison to Jeannette Walls’s The Glass Castle, this memoir details some pretty horrific stuff. Julien’s parents, obsessed with making her a survivor devoid of any sort of weakness, deprived her of heat, hot water, decent food, and affection and made her do things like holding onto an electrified fence without recoiling. Now she’s a therapist specializing in the issues surrounding manipulation and control.

Death at Nuremberg – W.E.B. Griffin – In this next in the authors’ “Clandestine Operations” series, set at the dawning of the Cold War, Jim Cronley is shoved out as chief, DCI-Europe, in favor of a new assignment. He must keep the U.S. chief prosecutor at Nuremberg from being kidnapped by the Soviet NKVD while seeking out and destroying Odessa, an organization that helps Nazi war criminals escape to South America. Is this why he’s nearly been killed twice?

The wanted – Robert Crais – A No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and Edgar Grand Master, Crais brings back investigator Elvis Cole and his partner Joe Pike but mixes in Jon Stone, who’s made popular cameo appearances in previous books. Here, when single mother Devon asks Cole to investigate her son’s new-found wealth, he discovers that it stems from a series of high-end burglaries that turn deadly.

Now that you mention it – Kristan Higgins – You can go home again, but sometimes it’s not what you expected. That’s what Nora discovers when she returns to Scuppers Island, ME, having made a life for herself in Boston, where no one knows she’s the nerdy girl with the wild-child sister and deadbeat dad. When a fateful moment sends Nora home, she must decide whether it’s worth sticking around to hear some hard truths.