Gale Courses

Online Gale Courses

With the extra time on your hands, why not take a free Gale Course?  Gale Courses offers a wide range of highly interactive, instructor-led courses that you can take entirely online. As a library cardholder, you may access these at no cost.   Courses run for six weeks and new sessions begin every month.  Sign up for one today!

There’s definitely something for everyone:

  • Career & Professional Development: Many courses are tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest-growing occupations. Examples include: Accounting, Resume Writing, Business and Management, Grant Writing and Nonprofit, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Sales and Marketing
  • Computers & Technology: Courses cover all skill levels from beginner to advanced, even focusing on specific software applications. Examples include: Introduction to the Microsoft Office Suite, Database Management, Graphic and Multimedia Design, and The Internet
  • Personal Enrichment: A wide array of courses truly offers the opportunity to transform lives, whether related to hobbies, education, or life resources. Examples include: Children, Parents, & Family, Digital Photography, Health &Wellness, and Test Prep.