Book cover Walking Shadows by Faye Kellerman

New August Titles

The money shot – Stuart Woods – Disguising himself as a stuntman to investigate blackmail threats against an actress starring in a new production, Teddy Fay discovers that the perpetrators are looking for something other than money, in a novel that also features fan-favorite Stone Barrington.

Tailspin – Sandra Brown – Hired to deliver a mysterious box to a fogbound Georgia town, daredevil pilot Rye Mallett is targeted by saboteurs and law enforcement officials before teaming up with an attractive but suspicious doctor to determine the box’s significance.

Four funerals and maybe a wedding – Rhys Bowen – Lady Georgiana Rannoch’s establishment as mistress of a grand estate is stymied by the property’s disarray, the curious incompetence of the staff and a suspicious gas leak. By the award-winning author of the Molly Murphy series.

The masterpiece – Fiona Davis – A recently divorced information-booth worker stumbles on an abandoned art school within a crumbling Grand Central Terminal before learning the story of a talented woman artist who went missing 50 years earlier. By the national best-selling author of The Dollhouse and The Address.

Feared – Lisa Scottoline – When nemesis Nick Machiavelli targets her family with frivolous legal claims and slander that escalate to an unthinkable tragedy, Mary DiNunzio discovers her own unsettling capacity for dark retaliation. By the New York Times best-selling author of Corrupted.

The breakers – Marcia Muller -The disappearance of a young recovering addict in southwest San Francisco leads private investigator Sharon McCone to the site of a Prohibition-era nightclub, where she discovers a ghastly chamber of horrors.

Abandoned – Allison Brennan – Max Revere investigates the disappearance of her own mother several years earlier, tracing her activities in a small Chesapeake Bay community where witnesses are keeping dark secrets.

The sapphire widow – Enjoying her life in 1935 Ceylon in spite of heartbreaking miscarriages, the daughter of a successful British gem trader is forced by her husband’s sudden death to unravel a mystery involving a local cinnamon plantation and an outdoorsman’s checkered past.

Desolation mountain – William Kent Kruger – Cork and his son, Stephen, investigate a plane crash that has killed a senator, a case that is further complicated by the baffling disappearances of several first responders.

Swift vengeance – T. Jefferson Parker – Tracking a mysterious killer who has been targeting drone operators, PI Roland Ford strikes an uneasy alliance with an FBI agent who is haunted by Bureau failures.

Dead man running – Steve Hamilton – In a hunt that will take him across the country and to the edge of his limits, Alex McKnight fights to stop a vicious killer before he can exact his ultimate revenge.

Walking shadows – Faye Kellerman – Decker and Lazarus risk their lives to solve a pair of brutal murders that may be tied to a crime from more than 20 years earlier.

The mystery of three quarters – Sophie Hannah – Accused by strangers of trying to set them up for murder, Hercule Poirot teams up with Scotland Yard policeman Edward Catchpool to investigate the drowning death of an elderly man

The shadow President – Michael D’Antonio – Little-known outside his home state until Donald Trump made him his running mate, Mike Pence—who proclaims himself a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third—has long worn a carefully-constructed mask of Midwestern nice. Behind his self-proclaimed humility and self-abasing deference, however, hides a man whose own presidential ambitions have blazed since high school. Pence’s drive for power, perhaps inspired by his belief that God might have big plans for him, explains why he shocked his allies by lending Christian credibility to a scandal-plagued candidate like Trump.