The Big Lie

New books in February

Museum of desire – Jonathan Kellerman – When a crime of unprecedented malice occurs in a deserted Bel Air mansion, LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis and psychologist Alex Delaware navigate blind mazes in their efforts to identify links among the victims and how they were killed.

Golden in death – J. D. Robb – Homicide detective Eve Dallas investigates the springtime murder of a beloved pediatrician by an unknown killer who hid a deadly toxin inside of a small golden egg.

Crooked river – Douglas Preston – Investigating dozens of grisly blue shoes containing severed human feet floating in the ocean off the coast of Florida, Pendergast and Junior Agent Coldmoon make harrowing discoveries while confronting an adversary of unimaginable power.

A divided loyalty – Charles Todd –  Investigating the murder of an unknown victim who was found within a great prehistoric circle near Stonehenge, Rutledge follows unreliable clues to an impossible conclusion that places him on the wrong side of Scotland Yard.

Salt river – Randy Wayne White – When his reckless bachelor friend reveals that he has fathered numerous children through sperm-bank donations, Doc Ford races to prevent his friend’s past misdeeds from turning deadly during an impromptu family reunion.

Sisters by choice – Susan Mallery – Three cousins navigate the joys and dramas of family life, including a former business owner struggling to adapt to small-town dynamics, an aspiring college student and a wife who must choose between her husband and her dreams.

Above the bay of angels – Rhys Bowen – When a twist of fate lands her in Queen Victoria’s kitchen, a talented young chef is selected to accompany a royal retinue only to be wrongly implicated in a murder.

The king at the edge of the world – Arthur Phillips – A secret Muslim warrior from the height of England’s religious battles is sent to Scotland to uncover the true nature of James VI’s actual religious beliefs while an heirless Elizabeth I lies on her deathbed.

The other Mrs. – Mary Kubica – Unnerved by her husband’s inheritance of a decrepit coastal property and the presence of a disturbed relative, community newcomer Sadie uncovers harrowing facts about her family’s possible role in a neighbor’s murder.

One minute out – Mark Greaney – Uncovering a human trafficking operation while in Croatia, Court Gentry follows its ringleader to Hollywood before encountering unexpected interference by his CIA handlers.

The holdout – Graham Moore – A woman is wrongly implicated in a murder one decade after convincing the members of a deadlocked jury to return a not-guilty verdict.

The dark corners of the night – Meg Gardiner – Hunting a serial killer who has been murdering parents in front of their children, FBI behavioral analyst Caitlin Hendrix discovers that the killer holds a devastating secret from Caitlin’s own past.

The big lie – James Grippando – When a corrupt President is narrowly reelected by the Electoral College but not the popular vote, Miami attorney Jack Swyteck is embroiled in a political frenzy involving an opponent’s refusal to concede and a lobbyist’s fateful decision.

The Warsaw protocol – Steve Berry – Investigating the thefts of the seven Arma Christi relics from their international sanctuaries, former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone learns that the relics are being demanded by a blackmailer in possession of incriminating evidence against the president of Poland.

Robert Ludlum’s the treadstone resurrection – Joshua Hood – When he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague and is then attacked by an unknown hit team at his job site, former Treadstone agent-turned-carpenter Adam Hayes is forced to come out of retirement to discover who wants him dead.

The splendid and the vile – Erik Larson – The best-selling author of Dead Wake draws on personal diaries, archival documents and declassified intelligence in a portrait of Winston Churchill that explores his day-to-day experiences during the Blitz and his role in uniting England.