John Grisham

New fiction for October

Quantum – Patricia Cornwell – Detecting a tripped alarm on the eve of a top-secret space mission, NASA pilot and cybercrime investigator Captain Calli Chase uncovers disturbing clues that point to her missing twin.

Bloody genius – John Sandford – When a culture war between rival departments at a local state university culminates in the death of a renowned scholar, Virgil Flowers struggles to identify a killer among a group of wildly passionate, diametrically opposed zealots.

Cilka’s journey – Heather Morris – A novel based on a true story follows a Russian woman who is forced by a concentration-camp commandant to become his lover and is subsquently sent to Siberia after being found guilty of collaborating with the enemy.

Takes one to know one – Susan Isaacs – In this whip-smart suburban mystery from New York Times bestselling author Susan Isaacs, a retired FBI agent turned Long Island housewife taps into her investigative past when she begins to suspect that her neighbor is harboring criminal secrets.

What happens in paradise – Elin Hilderbrand – A follow-up to the best-selling Winter in Paradise finds Irene and her sons returning to St. John to investigate her late husband’s secret double life before uncovering surprising truths about their own realities and futures.

Giver of stars – Jojo Moyes – Volunteering for Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library in small-town Kentucky, an English bride joins a group of independent women whose commitment to their job transforms the community and their relationships.

Letters from an astrophysicist – Neil deGrasse Tyson – Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has attracted one of the world’s largest online followings with his fascinating, widely accessible insights into science and our universe. Now, Tyson invites us to go behind the scenes of his public fame by revealing his correspondence with people across the globe who have sought him out in search of answers. In this hand-picked collection of 101 letters, Tyson draws upon cosmic perspectives to address a vast array of questions about science, faith, philosophy, life, and of course, Pluto.

A bitter feast – Deborah Crombie – Invited to spend a weekend at a tranquil Cotswolds village, husband-and-wife Scotland Yard detectives Kincaid and James are drawn into a dangerous web of secrets involving an up-and-coming star chef and a series of mysterious deaths.

The guardians – John Grisham – In the small Florida town of Seabrook, a young lawyer named Keith Russo was shot dead at his desk as he worked late one night. The killer left no clues. There were no witnesses, no one with a motive. But the police soon came to suspect Quincy Miller, a young black man who was once a client of Russo’s.

Quincy was tried, convicted, and sent to prison for life. For twenty-two years he languished in prison, maintaining his innocence.  But no one was listening.  He had no lawyer, no advocate on the outside. In desperation, he writes a letter to Guardian Ministries, a small nonprofit run by Cullen Post, a lawyer who is also an Episcopal minister.

Guardian accepts only a few innocence cases at a time.  Cullen Post travels the country fighting wrongful convictions and taking on clients forgotten by the system. With Quincy Miller, though, he gets far more than he bargained for. Powerful, ruthless people murdered Keith Russo, and they do not want Quincy Miller exonerated.  They killed one lawyer twenty-two years ago, and they will kill another without a second thought.

Stealth – Stuart Woods – Abruptly dispatched to a remote region of the U.K., Stone Barrington teams up with two brilliant colleagues only to land in a trap that reveals a rival power’s lethal agenda and the larger conspiracy of a criminal mastermind.

Olive again – Elizabeth Strout – A sequel to Olive Kitteridge finds Olive struggling to understand herself while bonding with a teen suffering from loss, a woman who gives birth unexpectedly, a nurse harboring a longtime crush and a lawyer who resists an unwanted inheritance.

A book of bones – John Connolly – Three murders in different regions of England reveal the work of a sinister killer who is sacrificing victims for an evil agenda, compelling Charlie Parker’s gripping search for clues in multiple countries.

The night fire – Michael Connelly – Receiving a notebook with details about a 20-year cold case, homicide detective Harry Bosch teams up with LAPD detective Renée Ballard before uncovering disturbing clues about his late mentor.

The deserter – Nelson DeMille – A year after a trained assassin with classified Army intelligence disappears under suspicious circumstances, an Army investigator’s efforts to capture the man alive are complicated by his partner’s inexperience and suspected role as a CIA spy.

Agent running in the field – John Le Carre – Desperate to resist the political turbulence of his 2018 London home, a young man establishes connections that lead him down a dark and dangerous path.

The new frontier: 112 fantastic favorites for everyday eating – Ree Drummond – A latest ranch-inspired collection by the best-selling author and Food Network host includes step-by-step, family-friendly recipes for such fare as Instant Pot Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal, Cheesy Lasagna Soup and Mean Green Mac & Cheese.

Blue moon – Lee Child – A highly anticipated latest installment in the best-selling series finds Jack Reacher offering aid to an elderly couple only to be confronted by the most dangerous opponents of his career.

The beautiful ones – Prince – In a book started before his tragic and untimely death, the popular and influential musician describes his life as a young boy who absorbed the world around him, crafted a persona, developed an artistic vision and worked tirelessly to become a musical superstar.

Find me – Andre Aciman – The author of the worldwide best-seller Call Me by Your Name revisits that novel’s complex and beguiling characters decades after their first meeting.

Nothing to see here – Kevin Wilson – Agreeing to help her former college roommate care for two stepchildren who possess the ability to spontaneously combust when agitated, Lillian endeavors to keep her young charges cool in the face of an astonishing revelation.