November New Book Releases

The midnight line – Lee Child – Spotting a woman’s West Point class ring in a Wisconsin pawn shop, Jack Reacher understandably wonders what happened to her. That leads him into the great empty spaces of Wyoming, conflict with a nasty biker gang, and more.

Every breath you take – Mary Higgins Clark – “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke are back with their fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Under Suspicion series; Every Breath You Take follows television producer’s Laurie Moran investigation of the unsolved Met Gala murder—in which a wealthy widow was pushed to her death from the famous museum’s rooftop.

What unites us – Dan Rather – Long a distinguished reporter and anchor for CBS News, Rather is now a glowing social media star using the experience he’s accumulated over decades to examine our ideals and identity as Americans. In a collection of original essays delivered during divisive times, he explains what unites us by considering our key institutions (e.g., schools, libraries, and parks) and our will both to transformation (as exemplified by the civil rights struggle) and innovation (note our accomplishments in science and technology).

The house of unexpected sisters – Alexander McCall Smith – The case of Charity Mompoloki, who claims she was fired unjustly from her job at an office supply company in Gaborone, Botswana, preoccupies Precious Ramotswe and her ambitious assistant, Grace Makutsi, who now styles herself principal investigating officer, in Smith’s pleasing, leisurely paced 18th No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novel (after 2016’s Precious and Grace). Charity was charged with having been rude to a customer, but might her male boss have had devious reasons for getting rid of her? Meanwhile, Precious’s disreputable ex-husband, trumpet player Note Mokoti, has resurfaced in Gaborone. And Precious’s chance discovery of a hitherto-unknown relative, a nurse named Mingie Ramotswe, initially causes her a great deal of angst. Precious, who’s so good at helping others in need, suddenly has serious personal problems, and her gentle husband, Mr. J.L.B. Maketoni, can provide only limited solace. On the way to the surprising resolution, Smith delivers some important lessons about human frailty and the value of charity.

Hardcore twenty -four – Janet Evanovich – Reluctantly agreeing to babysit a professional grave robber’s pet boa constrictor, Stephanie Plum is embroiled in a bizarre series of crimes that escalate from the violation of stolen corpses to the murder of a homeless man, a case that is complicated by the return of the hunky but reckless Diesel.

Count to ten – James Patterson – Summoned by the head of the world’s top investigation agency to join a new office in Delhi, former Private India head Santosh Wagh struggles to set aside his personal demons before tackling a case involving murderously corrupt authorities and human remains found at a government site.

End game – David Baldacci – Returning home from an overseas mission to discover that his boss has gone missing in remote Colorado, Will Robie and his sometime partner, Jessica Reel, team up in an increasingly violent small town, where their lives are soon in jeopardy.

Two’s company: A fifty-year romance with lessons learned in love, life & business – Suzanne – Somers – n her most personal and inspiring book yet, New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Somers shows readers how to shape a healthy, lasting relationship through the lens of her fifty-year love affair with her husband, Alan Hamel. For the first time, Suzanne will expose the inner workings of her marriage: a winning combination of love, business, and family. Starting from the very beginning, when a big-city guy from Toronto met a small-town girl from San Bruno, California, readers will get a behind-the-scenes perspective on Suzanne’s groundbreaking success as a TV star and Las Vegas diva, multiple-bestselling author, and successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, along with her more personal life as a mother, partner, and ultimately self-fulfilled woman. Through fame, fortune, sickness and blended families, Suzanne and Alan have kept the vitality of their marriage alive— together 24/7 (and haven’t spent a night apart in 37 years), and combining business savvy in their constantly evolving relationship. Now, Suzanne reveals hard-won advice on how to rely on another person without sacrificing individual strengths. 

The story of Arthur Truluv – Elizabeth Berg – For the past six months, Arthur Moses’s days have looked the same: He tends to his rose garden and to Gordon, his cat, then rides the bus to the cemetery to visit his beloved late wife for lunch. The last thing Arthur would imagine is for one unlikely encounter to utterly transform his life.   Eighteen-year-old Maddy Harris is an introspective girl who visits the cemetery to escape the other kids at school. One afternoon she joins Arthur—a gesture that begins a surprising friendship between two lonely souls. Moved by Arthur’s kindness and devotion, Maddy gives him the nickname “Truluv.” As Arthur’s neighbor Lucille moves into their orbit, the unlikely trio band together and, through heartache and hardships, help one another rediscover their own potential to start anew.

Past perfect – Danielle Steel – What’s so perfect about the past for Sybil and Blake Gregory, a successful Manhattan couple with three children who land in San Francisco when Blake impulsively accepts the job of a lifetime as CEO of a start-up? The family move into a grand, surprisingly affordable Pacific Heights mansion and soon meet the affable Butterfields, who lived there a century ago. Of course, the Butterfields are ghosts, and only the Gregorys can see them, but that doesn’t keep the two families from leading a charmed life together.

Tom Clancy power and empire – Marc Cameron – Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from the Chinese government. Pawns are being moved around a global chessboard: an attack on an oil platform in Africa, a terrorist strike on an American destroyer and a storm tossed American spy ship that may fall into Chinese hands. It seems that President Zhao is determined to limit Ryan’s choices in the upcoming G20 negotiations.  But there are hints that there’s even more going on behind the scene. A routine traffic stop in rural Texas leads to a shocking discovery–a link to a Chinese spy who may have intelligence that lays bare an unexpected revelation. John Clark and the members of the Campus are in close pursuit, but can they get the information in time?