Try Plunkett for Market Research

Plunkett Research is a powerful database to use when you need accurate market research.  Just look at what it can do for you!

Let’s say you want to know the size of the natural gas utilities industry in the U.S., by revenues, and by employee count.  While you’re at it, you’d like to see the projected growth of the industry.

First, within Plunkett Research Online, go to your targeted Industry Research Center.  In this case, the Energy & Utilities center makes sense.

Click <Industry Analytics.

Energy Industry Research Center

Select the industry that you are interested in from the drop down menu, in this case select <221200 Natural Gas Utilities.

Then click on <Industry Summary.

Energy Industry Summary

Now, with just a couple of clicks, you’ve gotten straight to the data you want:  the most recent revenues for this industry ($111 billion) and the employee count (110,300).  You’ve also found the projected yearly growth rate (0.79%) as well as projected revenues for the year 2021 ($126 billion).

By the way, the Industry Summary that you’ve generated includes convenient links to profiles of the industry’s leading companies.

Energy Industry Summary

While we’re at it, let’s find the number of firms in this industry.  Click back to the Analytics page.  Click <Employment and Establishments.

Energy Industry- Employment and Establishments

Here you will find the number of gas utilities firms (445) and the number of offices/establishments (2,450) for the latest year, plus historical information.  In addition, you will find average revenues per company ($119.3 million) and per employee ($771,880).

Energy Industry- Employment and Establishments

Energy Industry- Employment and Establishments