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VITALITY Kits–Check One out today

VITALITY Kits contain resources focused on improving the quality of life for our senior citizens and their caregivers by educating and enriching people about the many aspects of aging.   This collection was made possible through a generous grant form the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

We have over 40 kits designed to help seniors and caregivers with topics such as, Memory, Education, Health and Wellness, and Relationships.   See what is in our collection.

Spotlight Kit of the Month:Connect with your Grandkids
Granparenting Resources
Resources and activities that you can use to connect with your grandchildren whether they live across the street or across the country.

Did You Know…
games and activities that keep a person actively searching for words are especially helpful for improving word recognition, retaining vocabulary and reducing memory loss?   Playing games with other people helps ward off depression.  Plus games are just fun.   The Library has a number of VITALITY Kits  featuring memory games, board games, puzzles and more.

VITALITY = Visual  and Instructive Tools To Advance Living In Transforming Years Kits

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