Print the libby guide

  Install the app “Libby, by OverDrive Labs” free from your device’s app store. 

  • Open Libby app.  Tap: Find my library. 
  • Add your card: Enter your library card number and last name.
  • Tap Library (lower-left) to search the Bloomfield Township Public Library collection, Metro Net.
  • Locate your desired item.  Tap Borrow. 
  • Libby app downloads your item automatically if you are connected to WiFi.  You may change this at Menu ≡  Download Settings.
  • Tap Shelf (lower-right) to find your Loans and Holds at any time

To read an eBook as a Kindle book:

  • Check out your desired eBook.
  • At Shelf, tap your book cover, then Send to Device.
  • You are then directed to
  • Sign into your account and select your Kindle device or app from the dropdown list.
  • Tap Get Library Book.
  • Read your book like any other Kindle book.
  • Return or delete your Kindle book from your Account–> Manage Content and Devices.

Libby Help