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Zb Rfs0mWhat is Freegal?

Free of charge and ad-free downloadable and streaming music service for Library cardholders.

Now through September 30, 2020, you may stream 24 hours a day from over 100 genres and download up to 5 songs or videos per week that you can keep forever.

Songs can be downloaded in an MP3 format from a computer using or from a mobile device using the Freegal Music app.


Getting Started

  • Visit or download the Freegal Music app.
  • Login on the top right with your Bloomfield Township library card number and last name.

How to Stream and Download

To search for a song or album, use the search box or the browse button. When you search or select an album, you will see a list of songs. Click the play button on the cover art to start listening. “Stream” or “shuffle” options are also available for full albums.

  • To download a song to your computer, click on the arrow on the right-hand side. You will also see options to add the song to a wishlist or playlist.
  • On a mobile device, three dots appear next to the songs with a menu to download, add to a streaming playlist, or add to a wishlist.
  • A usage counter displaying your weekly download and streaming allotment is located at the top of the page on your computer or you can find this information on your mobile device by selecting the three dots in the top right corner to visit the settings menu.

If you run out of downloads, you can add songs to a wishlist and download them later.

To create a playlist:

  • Click on “My Music”. You will see this on the left side on the website and the bottom in the app. Next, click on “Playlists” at the top.
  • Click on the + symbol to create a new playlist
  • Name your playlist (ex. “The King”) and describe it (ex. “Elvis”) and your playlist is ready to add songs to it.
  • You may create a “Streaming” or “Download” playlist and can add songs or a whole album.

You can also browse and listen to “Featured Playlists”. These are curated lists of songs in different genres that you are sure to enjoy.

Mobile Apps

Freegal Music is currently available as a mobile app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

If you’re using the mobile device, there are tutorials for every page available by clicking the ? icon in the upper right-hand corner. Not all Android devices are compatible with Freegal. Downloaded music tracks will play directly in the Freegal app.

Additional Resources

If you need additional help, visit or contact Freegal Music Support directly by selecting the ? icon on the website.

Updated 5/2020