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A penny saved is a penny earned

We are featuring books on finance for youth, teens and adults. Books and databases from Bloomfield Township Public Library can help you improve your understanding of Roth IRAs, 401ks or 403bs. Start saving today for a brighter tomorrow. Check out our investment research databases for up-to-date information on stocks and bonds. Stop by the Adult Services Local History Display this month to see more books about finance. You may also watch this short demonstration video on demand.

Titles in the Adult Services Collection

332.024 CRU 
Know yourself, know your money : discover why you handle money the way you do, and what to do about it! / Rachel Cruze
The father-and-daughter personal finance experts behind the best-selling Smart Money Smart Kids counsel readers on how to understand one’s individual strengths and vulnerabilities to establish a healthy relationship with money and set more productive financial goals.

332.024 PER     
Die with zero : getting all you can from your money and your life / Bill Perkins.
A startling new philosophy and practical guide to getting the most out of your money-and out of life-for those who value memorable experiences as much as their earnings.

658.1522 CAR
Fund your dreams like a creative genius : a guide for artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and kindred spirits / Brainard Carey
If you have a dream that needs backing, be it an art project, an invention, or even a business, this is the book for you. Brainard Carey offers advice with solid examples of how building relationships with sponsors, investors, grant-makers, and patrons is something every creative person can pursue. Carey draws from his extensive experience and interviews with others to show artists and creative people how to raise money without the use of crowdfunding platforms. Readers will learn how to articulate their funding needs, develop a campaign, and approach sponsors.

332.678 DUA
The everything guide to investing in your 20s & 30s book : your step-by-step guide to: understanding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, maximizing your 401(K), setting realistic goals, recognizing the risks and rewards of cryptocurrencies, minimizing your investment tax liability / Joe Duarte, MD
Investing early in your career is the best way to ensure a secure and successful life all the way through retirement. This book has been guiding young professionals on how to capitalize on the investing market and make the most out of their money. This all-new and fully updated edition includes all of the tips, tricks, and investing knowledge while also explaining: new technological investing options; how the changing political climate affects your money; what the rising interest rates mean; and more.

332.024 FIS

The cross-border family wealth guide : advice on taxes, investing, real estate, and retirement for global families in the U.S. and abroad / Andrew Fisher
While personal finance management is rarely simple, the recent crackdown on tax havens and increased tax collection vigilance has made things even more difficult for cross border families. This book answers your questions, and shines a light on the way forward to long-term financial security for international families.

Children’s Financial Literacy Books

J332 SCH
Wants and needs / by Mari Schuh
People spend money every day. Are they paying for wants or needs? Learn the important difference between things you want and things you need.

J332.024 KEM
Budgeting, spending, and saving
/ Bitsy Kemper
People spend money on food, fashion, and fun. But how can you spend money wisely? How do you figure out what you want to buy and what you need to buy? Money is a key part of our world, and knowing how to use it is especially important. Read this book to learn how to save, to spend, and to build your own budget.

J332.024 VAL

Personal finance / Doris Valliant
Explains the basics of personal finance, including information on budgeting, banking, saving, and using credit wisely.

J332.024 BRA

The survival guide for money smarts : earn, save, spend, give / Eric Braun and Sandy Donovan
This survival guide introduces the basics of financial literacy and money management for kids, from earning and saving money to spending and donating it, and gives readers essential skills for financial know-how. The book also explores how choices about money and finances connect to character development and social-emotional well-being. Readers will find ideas for setting money goals, delaying gratification, being thrifty, building self-esteem, giving to charity, and making socially responsible spending and donating decisions.

J339.47 HIG

Using money / by Nadia Higgins
In Using Money, early readers learn the fundamentals of handling money and purchasing. A labeled diagram helps aid readers, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Children can learn more about using money online using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites.

Teen Financial Literacy Books

TEEN 332.024 BUT
The complete guide to personal finance : for teenagers and college students / by Tamsen Butler
For teens and college students, this guide explains aspects of personal finance: spending and saving, bank accounts, budgeting, credit and credit tactics, debt, getting an allowance or a job, cosigners and joint accounts, credit reports, investing, taxes, insurance, and moving out. The CD-ROM includes a study guide/workbook with resources and worksheets.

TEEN 332.024 CAS 
Cash and credit information for teens : tips for a successful financial life, including facts about earning money, paying taxes, budgeting, banking, shopping, using credit, and avoiding financial pitfalls
Provides tips for a successful financial life including facts about earning money, paying taxes, budgeting, banking, shopping, using credit, and avoiding financial pitfalls.

TEEN 332.024 DEB
Debt information for teens : ttips for a successful financial life including facts about the economy and personal finances, money management, interest rates, loans, credit cards, predatory lending practices, and resolving debt-related problems.
Provides information for teens about establishing and using credit, managing credit cards, and coping with debt-related problems. Includes index and resource information

TEEN 332.024 FIN
Financial independence for teens.
Basic consumer information and guidelines on teen financial literacy and transitioning to adulthood. Offers career-planning guidance and covers internships, apprenticeships, and college; saving and spending wisely; money-management tools and other financial information offered as additional resources.