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Discover adult and youth books on art and artists of the world. We have several art databases that you can use at home to find out all about different works of art. If you would like to create a work of art on your own check out our craft databases. Stop by the Local History Display Case to see more of our fabulous art collection.

Art books from the Adult Services Collection

FOLIO 759.13 VAR
Jackson Pollock / Kirk Varnedoe, with Pepe Karmel
Published on the occasion of the exhibition JACKSON POLLOCK, organized by Kirk Varnedoe, Chief Curator, with Pepe Karmel, Adjunct Assistant Curator, Department of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, November 1, 1998 to February 2, 1999. The exhibition travels to the Tate Gallery, London, March 11 to June 6, 1999.

759.13 GEO
Georgia O’Keeffe / edited by Tanya Barson.
One hundred years after her artistic debut in 1916, Georgia O’Keeffe’s (1887–1986) place in American art is reconsidered in this fresh look informed by today’s cultural perspectives. Accompanying an exhibition traveling to London, Vienna, and Toronto through July 2017, this volume includes six substantive essays by curators at the exhibiting museums or other leading modern art institutions. Essays consider her work using frameworks such as feminism, interplay of representation and abstraction, and deployment of formal elements (color, perspective, horizon). The study also effectively summarizes the chronology of the painter’s long career and extensive output. Particularly useful is the inclusion of reprinted historical documents, such as published reviews and writings by leading critics and statements from O’Keeffe herself.

759.13 WAL
James McNeill Whistler / John Walker.
John Walker, former Director Emeritus of the National Gallery of Art , Washington D.C. brings Whistler and his times to vibrant life, providing a colorful panorama of the artistic vie de boheme of Impressionist Paris and the confines and excesses of Victorian England.

759.4 DEG
Degas by himself : drawings, prints, paintings, writings / edited by Richard Kendall.
Although Degas’ letters and notebook jottings don’t tell us much about his views on art, they nevertheless offer a sometimes revealing self-portrait. He writes about his obsessions with photography, ballet and lithography. He discusses the painful isolation and pleasures of his bachelor existence and his frustrations as an artist. In impressionistic travel notes and breezy letters to friends, Degas’ sharp eye and quick wit come through. Yet, it is the superb illustrations that make this scrapbook of writings and conversations a delight. Along with pastels, paintings and prints, there are seldom-seen improvisational drawings and detailed studies from the notebooks. In lush, impressionistic seascapes, dark, almost symbolic landscapes and works of startling, even violent power, we see an unfamiliar side of the artist. The more familiar dancers, jockeys and bathers are here too. Lovers of Degas will treasure this volume.

759.5 SAS
Leonardo and the Mona Lisa story : the history of a painting told in pictures / Donald Sassoon.
One might think that Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa couldn’t possibly be the subject of yet another book, but this title offers a fresh perspectives on the world’s most famous painting. The leading popular expert on the Mona Lisa , Sassoon (comparative European history, Queen Mary Univ., London) includes just enough text to flesh out da Vinci’s life and the painting’s history. The rest of the Mona Lisa story is conveyed through more than 400 mostly color illustrations. Especially delightful are the appropriations of this iconic image in art and advertising, as well as its numerous parodies.

759.5 VOD
Caravaggio : the complete works / Rossella Vodret.
Presents the works of the Italian painter along with an analysis of his skills and a portrait of his life. 

Art books from the Youth Collection

J759.1 KAH
The two Fridas : memories / Frida Kahlo
Go inside the magical world of Frida Kahlo as she recalls an early childhood memory of her imaginary friend. Without trying to imitate Frida’s unmistakable style, Gianluca Fol︡ captures this fragment from her diary through stunning illustrations that provide a colorful backdrop for Frida’s powerful voice. In these words, children will be given a window into the mind of this great artist and the great joy and happiness her imaginary friend brought to her during times of struggle. Along with biographical information about Frida Kahlo’s childhood and her later work, The Two Fridas is a celebration of Frida Kahlo, her culture, and the magical, joyful, secret-filled friendship she shared and later captured in her painting. Children will be encouraged to explore their own imaginary worlds, open up conversations, and build on their own creativity.

J759.4 MIL
Renoir / Sabine Miller.
Provides an introduction to the life and history of artist Auguste Renoir, along with some of his most important and influential works.

J759.4 NIE
Oooh! Matisse / Mil Niepold & Jean-Yves Verdu.
Explore the shapes and colors of a master artist and discover that what you see depends on how you look.

J759.4 RUB
Degas, painter of ballerinas / Susan Goldman Rubin.
Through Edgar Degas’s beloved paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Susan Goldman Rubin conveys the wonder and excitement of the ballet world. Degas is one of the most celebrated painters of the impressionist movement, and his ballerina paintings are among the most favorite of his fans. In his artwork, Degas captures every moment, from the relentless hours of practice to the glamour of appearing on stage, revealing a dancer’s journey from novice to prima ballerina. Observing young students, Degas drew their poses again and again, determined to achieve perfection.

J759.949 VRY
Paul Klee for children / Silke Vry.
Presents some of the famous artist’s work and explores his influences and style.