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BEACH READ / Emily Henry

January Andrews is a romance writer who’s not sure she believes in romance anymore. Augustus Everett is an acclaimed writer of literary fiction, writing books that never have happy endings. They’re complete opposites but they both have writer’s block and are now living next door to each other on Lake Michigan. One night, they make a deal to swap genres in an effort to shake things up. January will spend the summer writing the next “Great American Novel” and Augustus will write a romance with a happy ending. They decide to help each other start writing by educating each other on their different genres. On Fridays, Augustus will show January how he does his research and January will take Augustus on field trips straight out of a rom-com.

As the title suggests, this is a wonderful beach read. I found it to be a quick, enjoyable romance but with depth, as both January and Augustus work through their own personal issues.     7/1/2020

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