black and white image of album cover art, with a man wearing a long dark overcoat crouching on top of a rusted-out sedan, with his arms outstretched

Being Funny In a Foreign Language


Being Funny In a Foreign Language / The 1975

Freshly released at the end of October, The 1975’s fifth studio album explores a smoother, softer side of the band. Although no less tongue-in-cheek and self-effacing than their usual lyrics, Being Funny In a Foreign Language has a gentler, reflective tone, exposing a more vulnerable side. With a stripped-down sound and shorter track listing, this album is a quick and quiet listen.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily mellow, though: singles “Happiness” and “I’m In Love With You” will get you up and dancing before their choruses hit.

Also available on hoopla.

EB: 11/2022