Sullivan stumbled on an incredible true story in the mountains of Montana where he met Pino Lella.  He then spent numerous years researching, attempting to confirm key elements of the story.  Rather than a history, Sullivan turned the story into a novel so he could use poetic license to fill in the blanks.  Pino Lella, was a normal teenager living in pre-war Italy, until Allied bombs started falling, and he was evacuated out of Milan to a boarding school in the Alps.  The school turns out to be a Resistance cell which smuggled Jewish refugees and downed Allied airmen to Switzerland.  Pino performs heroically.  Later, Pino becomes a spy implanted as the driver for a senior Reich general.  He risks his life, and loses friends who are unaware of his spying and think he has joined the enemy.  Throughout, Pino connects with the beautiful Anna and dreams of the life they will one day share.  This book is full of love, loss, and intrigue.  My only regret is that the story had to end.      Elaine 9/14/2018

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