Three runners legs are shown racing with the words Born to Run featured.

Born to Run

This month we are highlighting adult and youth titles on running. If you are training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon or Half-Marathon, these books may help your routine. Be sure to stop by the Local History Display case to see more books on running.

Titles in the Adult Services Collection

613.7172 BRO
Run to the finish : the everyday runner’s guide to avoiding injury, ignoring the clock, and loving the run / Amanda Brooks
Run to the Finish is not your typical running book. While it is filled with useful strategic training advice throughout, at its core, it is about embracing your place in the middle of the pack with humor and learning to love the run you’ve got without comparing yourself to other runners. Mixing practical advice like understanding the discomfort vs. pain, the mental side of running, and movements to treat the most common injuries with more playful elements such as “Favorite hilarious marathon signs” and “Weird Thoughts We all Have at the Start Line,” Brooks is the down-to-earth, inspiring guide for everyone who wants to be happier with their run.

613.7172 GIL
Women’s complete guide to running / Jeff and Barbara Galloway
Offers a step-by-step running program specifically designed for the needs and concerns of women, and includes tips on staying motivated, building endurance, and strengthening muscles.

617.1027 LON
The long distance runner’s guide to injury prevention and treatment : how to avoid common problems and deal with them when they happen / edited by Brian J. Krabak
Medical professionals explain the most common causes of injuries to long distance runners and offers advice on how best to avoid and treat athletic ailments.

796.42 COM
Complete book of running : everything you need to know to run for fun, fitness and competition / edited by Amby Burfoot.
The executive editor of Runner’s World, the world’s most popular running magazine, draws on the wisdom of top athletes, trainers, coaches, and writers to compile a practical guide to running for fitness, covering such topics as fifteen foods that can boost one’s running performance, eleven rules for running a great marathon, how to think like a champion, and more. 

796.42 KAR
Inner runner : running to a more successful, creative, and confident you / [Jason R. Karp
Why are so many people drawn to running? Why is running the most common physical activity? What is it about running that empowers so many people? And how can runners harness that power to create a more meaningful life?The Inner Runner addresses these questions and a whole lot more. This book is not about how to get faster or run a marathon; rather, it explores how the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other helps you harness your creative powers. Learn about the psychological, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual benefits of running and introduce lifestyle changes based on the latest scientific research on running and its effects on hormones and the brain.

Titles in the Youth Services Department

J613.717 MAS
Free running / Paul Mason and Sarah Eason
With its acrobatic thrills and “no limits” attitude, free running is creating a sports revolution in our towns and cities. Read about the thrilling life of an adrenaline-seeking free runner; discover the Hollywood actor who pulls cool street stunts; and get the inside story from On the Radar’s free-running expert, Matthew Dickerson.

J796.42 LAN
Running / Andrew Langley
Takes a look at people and animals on the move, the role muscles play in running, and why some people and animals run long distances.

J796.425 LAU
Parkour / Kara L. Laughlin
A very simple introduction to the sport of parkour, the basic rules, the equipment used, and how it is done. Additional features to aid comprehension include fun facts, a table of contents, a phonetic glossary, sources for further research, an index, and an introduction to the author.

HI LO J796.425 LOH
Extreme ultra running / Virginia Loh-Hagan
Presents information about the skills, training, and determination needed for the sport of ultra running, covering such topics as the history of runners, running records, and building endurance.