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Cat chase the moon : a Joe Gray mystery / Shirley Rousseau Murphy – Feline P. I. Joe Grey and his friends pounce on three investigations that may connect to one larger mystery–including one case that is very personal–in this hair-raising installment in Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s beloved, award-winning series. It’s up to the fleet-footed feline and his crime-solving coterie to untangle the mysteries before it’s too late.

The pawful truth / Miranda James – When Charlie Harris decides to go back to school, he and his Maine Coon cat, Diesel, find themselves entangled in a deadly lovers quarrel on campus in the latest installment of the New York Times bestselling series. Charlie races to unravel this mystery: and to draw out the culprit, he may just have to put his own life on the line.

Whiskers in the dark / Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown ; illustrated by Michael Gellatly – The discovery of a body in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains dredges up mysteries that have lingered from Revolutionary Virginia through the Civil War and beyond, in a supernaturally thrilling new tale from Rita Mae Brown and her feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown. 

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Bark of night / David Rosenfelt – When defense lawyer Andy Carpenter’s veterinarian asks to speak to him privately at the checkup of his golden retriever, Tara, the last thing Andy expects is Truman. Tiny, healthy, French bulldog Truman was dropped off days ago with instructions to be euthanized by a man everyone thought was his owner. But now the owner is nowhere to be found … [and] it’s discovered that the man wasn’t Truman’s owner at all … Truman’s real owner has been murdered. It’s now up to Andy–with help from his loyal sidekick Tara, Truman and the rest of the gang–to solve this case.

Bite club : a Melanie Travis mystery / Laurien Berenson – Thanks to Aunt Peg and her enthusiastic pedigree dog show pals, Melanie’s aptly named Bite Club reading group has book lovers all over town burying their noses in thrilling murder mysteries. But another pet project surfaces when Melanie reluctantly agrees to train a bulldog puppy for elusive member Evan Major. Between the unusual bruise on his face and a bizarre run-in with an unknown dog show attendee, introverted Evan can’t dodge trouble. It even sends him to an early grave—while landing Melanie in the hot seat for homicide. 

In dog we trust / Beth Kendrick – When Jocelyn Hilliard finds herself named legal guardian for the late Mr. Allardyce’s pack of prized Labrador retriever show dogs, her world is flipped upside down. She’s spent her entire life in Black Dog Bay, Delaware, but never expected to be living the pampered life of a seasonal resident in an ocean side mansion with a generous stipend. But her new role isn’t without its challenges: the dogs (although cute) are difficult to manage, her boyfriend leaves her, and suddenly she’s contending with her late benefactor’s estranged son, who thinks he’s entitled to the inheritance that was left to the dogs. As Jocelyn fights to keep her new fur-family together, she is faced with a new rival who threatens to take everything.

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