Color illustration of two women's faces, one positioned slightly in front of the other. The woman behind has brown hair parted in the middle, and the woman in front has red hair. Golden leaves surround them on the left side of the image.

Daughters of Sparta / Claire Heywood

This reimagining of the Trojan War focuses on two overlooked figures whose stories have gone largely untold: the Spartan princesses Klytemnestra and Helen. Both sisters are whisked into unhappy marriages, given over to foreign kings who view them as providers of male heirs and strengtheners of political ties. But while these women know what expectations have been made for their lives, their husbands’ cruelty and neglect stir them into action to attempt better futures for themselves.

A brisk run-through of the lesser-known aspects of the Trojan War, told from the perspectives of two of its quietest victims. Fans of Madeline Miller’s works Song of Achilles and Circe will enjoy this novel.

EB: October 2021

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