Jacket (6)


Emmeline Lake desperately wants to help with the war effort. She volunteers as a telephone operator with the Auxiliary Fire Services and her dream is to be a war correspondent. One day she sees an ad in the London Evening Chronicle for a junior, applies, gets the job, and it feels like her dreams are one step closer to becoming reality. But when she arrives for her first day, Emmy discovers that the job isn’t for the newspaper but for a women’s magazine owned by the same company and she’ll be sorting through advice letters for the renowned Mrs Bird, discarding any that contain Unpleasantness. All the letters from troubled women that Mrs Bird insists should be tossed in the bin wear on Emmy and she begins writing to them in secret.

What makes this different from all the other World War II novels out there is the focus on home front and women’s issues. And while it doesn’t take war lightly, it is lighthearted with humor and charm.     1/29/2020

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