Does anybody really know what time it is?

Since 1895, when H.G. Wells wrote the book The time machine, time travel has captured the imagination of people world wide. So check out a time travel book and find what it’s all about.

Selections from the Adult Services Collection:

The garden of promises and lies / Paula Brackston
Brackston returns readers to Xanthe’s life in Marlborough (after Secrets of the Chocolate House, 2019), where she’s adjusting to her new abilities. Xanthe has been able to hear history from certain objects since she was a child, and now that she lives near a special house, she can travel with those objects through time. Conveniently, she and her mother, Flora, run an antique store, the Little Shop of Found Things, which allows her to find items that sing to her while working. When Fairfax, another time traveler from her distant past, reappears, Xanthe is faced with hard decisions regarding whom to confide in as he quickly makes his ill intentions known. As she develops more control over her abilities, she is summoned into the past where Fairfax has settled. Between lying to her loved ones, and developing a quick overconfidence in her abilities, Xanthe makes many of the classic blunders of a heroine fumbling with her new powers despite her best intentions, keeping readers engaged in her adventures.

Outlander / by Diana Gabaldon
English nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall and husband Frank take a second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands in 1945. When Claire walks through a cleft stone in an ancient henge, she’s somehow transported to 1743. She encounters Frank’s evil ancestor, British captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall, and is adopted by another clan. Claire nurses young soldier James Fraser, a gallant, merry redhead, and the two begin a romance, seeing each other through many perilous, swashbuckling adventures involving Black Jack. Scenes of the Highlanders’ daily life blend poignant emotions with Scottish wit and humor.

The time machine ; and : the invisible man / H.G. Wells
The hero, a young scientist, travels 800,000 years into the future and discovers a dying earth populated by two strange humanoid species: the brutal Morlocks and the gentle but nearly helpless Eloi.

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How to build a time machine : the real science of time travel / Brian Clegg
In How to Build a Time Machine, Brian Clegg provides an understanding of what time is and how it can be manipulated. He explores the remarkable possibilities of real time travel that emerge from quantum entanglement, superluminal speeds, neutron star cylinders and wormholes in space. With the fascinating paradoxes of time travel echoing in our minds will we realize that travel into the future might never be possible? Or will we realize there is no limit on what can be achieved, and take on this ultimatechallenge? Only time will tell–

Back to the future (1 disc ed.) / Universal Pictures ; screenplay by Bob Gale ; story by Robert Zemeckis & Bob Gale ; produced by Bob Gale and Neil Canton ; directed by Robert Zemeckis
When teenager Marty McFly is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown, he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future, and leave him trapped in the past.

Selections from the Youth Services Collection:

The trouble with time travel / Stephen W. Martin
A circular tale of time travel in a picture book! Max and her dog Boomer accidentally break a vase, a treasured family heirloom-the only thing that Max’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother managed to save when her houseboat sank. Instead of coming clean, they decide to do the next most logical thing: Build a time machine, travel back to her great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother’s home, and smash the vase then so that they can’t smash it later! What could possibly go wrong? Building the time machine is surprisingly easy, but controlling the thing proves difficult. After mucking up the time-space continuum, Max and Boomer end up crashing into the family houseboat-and sinking it. Lacking the heart to break anything else, Max and Boomer return to the near-present to warn their near-past selves not to build a time maching. “I can build a time machine?” asks the other Max, before tossing the Frisbee that breaks the family’s treasured vase…

Finn and the time-traveling pajamas / Michael Buckley
After sixty years of trying to stop Paradox and set the universe right again, Finn time-travels to get help from his nine-year-old self.

Starcross : a stirring adventure of spies, time travel and curious hats / by Philip Reeve
Young Arthur Mumby, his sister Myrtle, and their mother accept an invitation to take a holiday at an up-and-coming resort in the asteroid belt, where they become involved in a dastardly plot involving spies, time travel, and mind-altering clothing.

The time travel trap / Dan Jolley
Two more titles in the series that blends graphic novels with choose-your-own-ending-style plotting. In keeping with its horror theme, Nightmare has some particularly gruesome endings. Time Travel uses the format to jump around historical eras. The cartoon-panel pictures are slightly more accomplished than the scattered, confusing stories they illustrate.

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Diary of a time traveler : meet over one hundred of history’s biggest superstars! / Nicholas Stevenson
A boy named Augustus travels back in time, where he encounters numerous interesting characters from history, from the prehistoric people who started the first fire, to the astronauts of the first moon landing.