Don’t Worry, be Happy

When we only hear news of tragic events, it can be difficult to find happiness, these books can help. Find happiness today! Don’t forget to stop by the Local History Display Case to see more books about happiness.

Selections from the Adult Services collection:

133.5 WOO
Astrology for happiness and success : from Aries to Pisces, create the life you want-based on your astrological sign! / Mecca Woods
Take your happiness to the next level with advice specifically designed for you, based on your astrological sign. In Astrology for Happiness and Success, you’ll find new ways to be happier and more successful and learn to bring joy to those around you. Take an adventurous Aries to your next yoga class to help you both clear your minds, treat your busy Taurus friend to a relaxing evening at home, join Gemini in playing a new board game for fun–and more! With different activities, therapeutic techniques, and relaxation rituals for each sign, you’ll find the perfect path to becoming your happiest and healthiest self.

155.6 RAU
The happiness curve : why life gets better after 50 / Jonathan Rauch
Psychologists agree that the midlife crisis is a myth. But why are so many middle-aged people so dissatisfied with their lives? Sifting through happiness studies and conducting his own interviews and surveys, Rauch discovers a pattern. While most people find their twenties and thirties exciting and success-filled, there seems to be a dip in life satisfaction during their forties and fifties. In the years that follow, however, happiness again increases. Allowing for variables, including employment, health, and wealth, the pattern remains consistent across cultures. The answer seems to be connected to the influence of time. Subjects in their later years seemed to develop new expectations, turn outward rather than inward, and have a fresh perspective on events. Rauch argues for recognition of a new stage in life (maybe encore adulthood? Act II?), when still-vital seniors are given support and direction to use their wisdom to mentor and aid struggling midlifers, a reassuring concept for both age groups. This thoughtful study is sure to find an audience.

248.4 LUC
How happiness happens : finding lasting joy in a world of comparison, disappointment, and unmet expectations / Max Lucado
In How Happiness Happens, Max Lucado shares the unexpected path to a lasting happiness, one that produces reliable joy amidst any life circumstance. Based on the teachings of Jesus and backed by modern research, this book presents a surprising but practical way of living that will change you from the inside out.

648.5 SMA
Clear the clutter, find happiness : one-minute tips for decluttering and refreshing your home and your life / Donna Smallin
Offers a simple approach to clearing clutter and cleaning the home by focusing on the things that will make the biggest difference and employing quick routines that will bring order to chaos in just one minute.

920 SCH
Street of Eternal Happiness : big city dreams along a Shanghai road / Rob Schmitz
Inspired by the author’s popular Marketplace series, a full-length narrative profiling the lives of everyday people who live, work and dream on his street in Shanghai explores their respective stories against a backdrop of president Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream” agenda and the conflicting messages of Western media.

Slow love : how I lost my job, put on my pajamas & found happiness / Dominique Browning
Browning, former editor in chief of House & Garden magazine, offers a humorous and moving work about losing a job and winning a life.

Selections from the Youth Services Collection:

I feel happy : why do I feel happy today?
I Feel Happy is the ideal board book to help children understand how happiness works for them. It is often difficult for children, and adults, to articulate their emotions and to understand why they act the way they do. This bright and colorful board book encourages adults and children to read together and gain a deeper understanding of the different ways that happiness can look from the outside, how happiness occurs in the brain, and what makes you happy.

I feel happy / Kelly Doudna
In photographs and simple text, children tell what makes them feel happy, such as a puppy and spending time with Grandpa.

Where Dani goes, happy follows / Rose Lagercrantz 
Dani, who is staying with her grandparents, decides to take the trip on her own to see Ella for her birthday.

J177 RUS
Do nice, be kind, spread happy : acts of kindness for kids / Bernadette Russell
In this book are lots of acts of kindness that kids can do to spread a little joy — with a side order of mischief and magic!

Relax and be happy : mindfulness for children / Bari Koral
A new mindfulness CD that is intended to help bring instant relaxation to many young children and the adults who care for them. The stories follow mindfulness principles such as acceptance, gratitude, kindness, and compassion.

The happy kid handbook : how to raise joyful children in a stressful world / Katie Hurley
With all the parenting information out there and the constant pressure to be the “perfect” parent, it seems as if many parents have lost track of one very important piece of the parenting puzzle: raising happy kids. Author Katie Hurley shows parents how happiness is the key to raising confident, capable children.

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