Dracul – Audiobook / Dacre Stoker & J.D. Barker

Darkly atmospheric, Dracul is the prequel to the classic 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula. The novel is penned by the great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker himself along with one of horror’s brightest voices (J.D. Barker), tapped specifically by the family for this endeavor. Blending his famous ancestor’s true history with elements from his literary creation, fans of Dracula will easily spot the parallels between the two and enjoy how the lines are blurred between reality and fiction. Inspired by the use of his great-grand-uncle’s notes from journals and other writings, Dacre Stoker sought to interpret these missing pages and piece together a picture of young Bram as a key figure placed in the context of his own literary work, and needless to say, this approach lent an authenticity to the narrative and the results are decidedly effective. The text focuses mainly on the three Stoker siblings – Bram, Matilda, and Thornley – and alternates between their viewpoints. These multiple perspectives make for a compelling fast-paced read with an atmosphere which is in keeping with the original classic, yet at the same time, the story is also written in a cinematic style which would appeal to readers of modern-day horror and thrillers, proving you won’t have to be a mega-Dracula fan to enjoy this one. The audiobook is read by a full cast consisting of Pete Bradbury as the narrator, Vikas Adam as Bram Stoker, Saskia Maarleveld as Matilda, Rachael Corkill as Thornley, Alana Kerr Collins as Ellen, and Allan Corduner as Arminius Vambéry. These voices do a compelling job of emulating the Gothic atmosphere and suspense of Dracula, making this new tale come to life. (Jamie 10/31/2018)

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