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folklore / Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new album, folklore, is now available for free from hoopla digital.  Download the hoopla app, sign up for an account with your library card, and have a listen.

A review from Emily, BTPL staff:

folklore, Taylor Swift (2020)

Perfectly titled to reflect its traditional instrumentation and pocketfuls of narrative vignettes, Taylor Swift’s folklore is another success from an artist whose career has flourished through her unique method of personal storytelling. Developed in secret during a self-imposed stay in quarantine, this surprise album reflects the quiet, personal space in which it was created. Like her previous albums, folklore contains carefully-crafted lyrics that tell intricate stories of the world inside and outside Swift’s creative mind. This album is unique, however, in its smooth use of simple musical motifs and slower scoring to tell these stories. This is an album best heard uninterrupted, where the simplicity and sweetness of Swift’s work can be fully appreciated.

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