cover image of a gray-colored statue draped in a gray-colored sheet, with dark shadows over the statue's eyes and mouth.

Ghost Eaters


Ghost Eaters / Clay McLeod Chapman

Erin Hill is trying to get her life together after graduation, focusing on her future goals and trying to leave her colorful, chaotic past behind. Her ex-boyfriend Silas has other ideas: to round up Erin and the rest of their friend group to explore the supernatural. Through means he won’t disclose, Silas has developed a semi-psychedelic drug that allows users to peer into the realm of the dead. And he wants the others to explore the drug (and the afterlife) with him.

But when Silas unexpectedly dies, Erin and her friends are thrown into a tumult of grief – and curiosity. Is it possible to reconnect with Silas through the means he’s uncovered? And if they do, what will happen to them? If they open the gap to the other side, can that portal ever be closed?

A briskly-paced, darkly-creative novel that explores the impact of love and loss, and how tight a grip grief and addiction can hold.

EB: Jan2023