Golden Girl by Elin Hilderbrand

Golden Girl / Elin Hilderbrand

After Nantucket novelist Vivi Howe is killed in a hit-and-run accident, her family and friends are left reeling, among them her pregnant daughter, Willa; her daughter, Carson; her son, Leo; and ex-husband, JP. An Hèrmes scarf–wearing guardian spirit named Martha allows Vivi the chance to watch over them until the end of the summer and allows her three “nudges” to keep them from harm. As the summer progresses and her loved one’s struggle, Vivi learns her children’s secrets—and considers using a “nudge” to intervene on Carson’s relationship with an older man. She also watches as her ex-husband finally accepts that taking on a mistress was an epic mistake, and, with Martha’s help, Vivi begins to move on into the afterlife.  I read the eBook quickly on my Kindle using OverDrive.  (Also available large print and as a downloadable eBook and eAudio from Libby/OverDrive.)

KY: July 15, 2022