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Greek Myths: A New Retelling / Charlotte Higgins

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Greek Myths: A New Retelling / Charlotte Higgins; illustrations by Chris Ofili

A brilliantly original, landmark retelling of Greek myths, recounted as if they were actual scenes being woven into textiles by the women who feature prominently in them.

Told in careful, lyrical detail from the perspectives of some of Greek mythology’s notable female figures, including Athena, goddess of wisdom; Helen, whose faces launched a thousand ships to start the Trojan War; Circe, proud sorceress who reigns alone on a dangerous island; and Penelope, cunning wife of the hero Odysseus, who awaits his eventual return from Troy. Joining their voices are women no less vital to the tapestry of Greek mythology, but sadly lesser-known.

Readers who enjoy the works of Madeline Miller, Pat Barker, and Stephen Fry will appreciate this timely companion piece to the ongoing retellings of these classic stories.

EB: May2022