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Historical Mysteries

Dead dead girls / Nekesa Afia 

Harlem, 1926. Young black women like Louise Lloyd are ending up dead. Following a kidnapping ordeal when she was in her teens, Louise is doing what she can to maintain a normal life. She’s succeeding, too. She spends her days working at Maggie’s Café and her nights at the Zodiac, Harlem’s hottest speakeasy. When a girl turns up dead in front of the café, Louise is forced to confront something she’s been trying to ignore-two other local black girls have been murdered over the past few weeks. After an altercation with a police officer gets her arrested, Louise is given an ultimatum: She can either help solve the case or wind up in jail. Louise chooses to investigate and soon finds herself toe-to-toe with a murderous mastermind hell-bent on taking more lives. Series: Harlem Renaissance mysteries (Nekesa Afia) #1. 

In the shadow of Vesuvius / Tasha Alexander 

Some corpses lie undisturbed longer than others. But when Lady Emily discovers a body hidden in plain sight amongst the ruins of Pompeii, it still comes as quite a shock. Eager to explore ancient sites and modern archaeological digs, Lady Emily jumps at the chance to accompany her dearest childhood friend Ivy Brandon on an excursion to Italy. Series: Lady Emily Ashton mysteries #14.  (Also available as a downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

The mystery of Mrs. Christie / Marie Benedict 

Her World War I veteran husband and her daughter have no knowledge of her whereabouts, and England unleashes an unprecedented manhunt to find the up-and-coming mystery author Agatha Christie. Eleven days later, she reappears, just as mysteriously as she disappeared, claiming amnesia and providing no explanations for her time away.  (Also available in large print and as an ebook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

Three Hours in Paris / Cara Black 

This is the story of Kate Rees, the young American markswoman who has been recruited by British intelligence to drop into Paris on the dangerous business of trying to assassinate the Fuhrer. Kate is a grieving widow with no spy training but a vendetta and a lot of gumption-now has the state of the entire war in her hands. When the hit goes badly wrong, Kate is on the run for her life-all the time wrestling with the suspicion that the whole operation was a set-up. (Also available in ebook and downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

Comeuppance served cold / Marion Deeds 

Seattle, 1929 — a bitterly divided city overflowing with wealth, violence, and magic. A respected magus and city leader intent on criminalizing Seattle’s most vulnerable magickers hires a young woman as a lady’s companion to curb his rebellious daughter’s outrageous behavior. The widowed owner of a speakeasy encounters an opportunity to make her husband’s murderer pay while she tries to keep her shapeshifter brother safe. A notorious thief slips into the city to complete a delicate and dangerous job that will leave chaos in its wake. One thing is for certain — comeuppance, eventually, waits for everyone. 

Nighthawk’s wing / Charles Fergus 

Adamant, 1836. The young Pennsylvania Dutch sheriff Gideon has a new case when a beautiful woman – suspected of witchcraft and residing in a nearby German settlement – is murdered. Suffering from a head injury after a fall off his horse, Gideon can’t recall anything that happened at the time of the woman’s death. As flashes of memory return, he realizes that not only did he know the victim, he was with her the night she died. As Gideon delves into the investigation, he must include himself in the list of suspects. When Gideon uncovers another dead body, he’s launched on a path to discover the truth, no matter the outcome. Series: Gideon Stoltz novels #2. 

Murder at the Capitol / C.M. Gleason 

In July 1861, just months after the Battle of Fort Sumter plunges the young nation into civil war, President Lincoln’s top priority is to unite the country, while Adam Quinn finds himself on the trail of a murderer. On Independence Day, President Lincoln and his War Department are focused on military strategy to take Richmond in Secessionist Virginia to bring the conflict to an end. The next morning, a dead body is found hanging from the crane beneath the unfinished dome of the Capitol. Lincolns close confidant, Adam Speed Quinn, is called on to determine whether the man had taken his own life, or if someone had helped him. With the assistance of Dr. George Hilton and journalist Sophie Gates, Quinn investigates what turns out to be murder. Series: Lincoln’s White House mysteries #3 

The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne / Elsa Hart 

London, 1703. In a time when the old approaches to science coexist with the new, one elite community attempts to understand the world by collecting its wonders. For Cecily Kay, it is a passion for plants that brings her to the Mayne house. The only puzzle she expects to encounter is how to locate the specimens she needs within Sir Barnaby’s crowded cabinets. But when her host is stabbed to death, Cecily finds the confession of the supposed killer unconvincing. 

Clark and Division / Naomi Hirahara 

Set in 1944 Chicago, Edgar Award-winner Naomi Hirahara’s eye-opening and poignant new mystery, the story of a young woman searching for the truth about her revered older sister’s death, brings to focus the struggles of one Japanese American family released from mass incarceration at Manzanar during World War II. 

The lost girls of Paris / Pam Jenoff 

While passing through Grand Central Terminal, Grace Healey finds an abandoned suitcase beneath a bench. Grace opens the suitcase and discovers a dozen photographs of different woman. On impulse, Grace takes the photos. She soon learns that the suitcase belonged to a woman named Eleanor Trigg, leader of a network of female secret agents who were deployed out of London during the war. Twelve of these women were sent to Occupied Europe as couriers and radio operators to aid the resistance, but they never returned home, their fates a mystery. Setting out to learn the truth behind the women in the photographs, Grace finds herself drawn to a young mother turned agent named Marie, whose daring mission overseas reveals a remarkable story of friendship, valor and betrayal.  (Also available in large print, as an ebook and downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

Five Decembers / James Kestrel 

December 1941. America teeters on the brink of war, and in Honolulu, Hawaii, police detective Joe McGrady is assigned to investigate a homicide that will change his life forever. Because the trail of murder he uncovers will lead him across the Pacific, far from home and the woman he loves; and though the U.S. doesn’t know it yet, a Japanese fleet is already steaming toward Pearl Harbor. 

The silver shooter / Erin Lindsey

It’s the spring of 1887. Erin Lindsey’s third historical mystery The Silver Shooter follows Rose Gallagher as she tracks a monster and searches for treasure in the wilds of the Dakota Territory.  Series: Rose Gallagher mysteries #3. 

Murder at Kingscote / Alyssa Maxwell 

On a clear day in 1899, Emma, now editor-in-chief of the Newport Messenger, covers Newport’s first-ever automobile parade. But the festive atmosphere turns to shock as young Philip King drunkenly swerves his motorcar into a wooden figure of a nanny pushing a pram on the obstacle course.  Later that evening, Philip staggers into his mother’s dinner party, obviously still inebriated. But the disruption is nothing compared to the urgent shouts of the coachman. Rushing out, they find the family’s butler pinned against a tree beneath the front wheels of Philip’s motorcar, close to death. At first, it all appears to be a reckless accident—one which could ruin Philip’s reputation. But when Emma later receives a message about how the butler bullied his staff and took advantage of young maids, she begins to suspect the scene may have been staged and steers the police toward a murder investigation. Series: Gilded Newport mysteries #8. (Also available in large print and as an ebook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

The Bombay prince: a mystery of 1920s India / Sujata Massey 

India’s only female lawyer, Perveen Mistry, is compelled to bring justice to the family of a murdered female Parsi student just as Bombay’s streets erupt in riots to protest British colonial rule. Sujata Massey is back with this third instalment to the Agatha and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning series set in 1920s Bombay. Series: Perveen Mistry mysteries #3. 

Murder at Queen’s Landing / Andrea Penrose 

When Lady Cordelia, a brilliant mathematician, and her brother, Lord Woodbridge, disappear from London, rumors swirl concerning fraudulent bank loans and a secret consortium engaged in an illicit—and highly profitable—trading scheme that threatens the entire British economy. Series: Wrexford and Sloane historical mysteries #4. (Also available as an ebook and downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

When she dreams / Amanda Quick 

Sam is haunted by his past, which includes a marriage shattered by betrayal and violence. Maggie is troubled by intense and vivid dreams—dreams that she can sometimes control. There are those who want to run experiments on her and use her for their own purposes, while others think she should be committed to an asylum. Secrets from the past are revealed, leaving Maggie and Sam in the path of a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to exact vengeance. Series: Burning Cove, California #6. (Also available as a downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

Mr. Campion’s coven / Mike Ripley 

Harvard student Mason Clay plans to visit Wicken as part of his research, and who better assist him than Albert Campion? But Wicken is already firmly on Campion’s radar thanks to Dame Jocasta Upcott’s luxury yacht found beached on a mudbank close to the village, its captain very stuck — and very dead — in the mud. Was it a bizarre accident or something more sinister? Campion finds himself in Wicken, surrounded by suspicious locals and tales of witchcraft, and soon discovers its past is linked to several current disturbing events. Series: Albert Campion mysteries #29. 

The dead cry justice / Rosemary Simpson 

Heiress-turned-sleuth Prudence MacKenzie, with the help of photographer and social reformer Jacob Riis and the famous journalist Nellie Bly, frantically searches for two orphans who had come to her for help-and who are now on the run from a dangerous predator. Series: Gilded Age mysteries #6. (Also available as an ebook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

Murder on Pleasant Avenue / Victoria Thompson 

When midwife Sarah and detective Frank Malloy’s friend and new partner Gino Donatelli is accused of murder, he and Sarah must catch the real killer to keep him alive, in this enthralling, new novel in the USA Today bestselling Gaslight Mystery series set in turn-of-the-century New York City. Series: Gaslight mysteries (Victoria Thompson) #23. (Also available as an ebook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

When two feathers fell from the sky / Margaret Verble 

Set in 1926 Nashville, it follows a death-defying young Cherokee horse-diver who, with her companions from the Glendale Park Zoo, must get to the bottom of a mystery that spans centuries. Two Feathers, a young Cherokee horse-diver on loan to Glendale Park Zoo from a Wild West show, is determined to find her own way in the world. Two’s closest friend at Glendale is Hank Crawford, who loves horses almost as much as she does. He is part of a high-achieving, land-owning Black family. Neither Two nor Hank fit easily into the highly segregated society of 1920s Nashville. When disaster strikes during one of Two’s shows, strange things start to happen at the park. 

A sunlit weapon / Jacqueline Winspear 

October 1942. Jo Hardy, a 22 year old ferry pilot, is delivering a Supermarine Spitfire – the fastest fighter aircraft in the world – to Biggin Hill Aerodrome, when she realizes someone is shooting at her aircraft from the ground. Returning to the location on foot, she finds an American serviceman in a barn, bound and gagged. She rescues the man, who is handed over to the American military police; it quickly emerges that he is considered a suspect in the disappearance of a fellow soldier who is missing. Tragedy strikes two days later, when another ferry pilot crashes in the same area where Jo’s plane was attacked. At the suggestion of one of her colleagues, Jo seeks the help of psychologist and investigator Maisie Dobbs. Series: Maisie Dobbs novels #17. (Also available as an ebook and downloadable audiobook on Libby/OverDrive.) 

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