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We are highlighting some of our home design and interior decoration books this month.  Stop by the library to see our display and check out some books.

635.965 CLA
Indoor Green: Living with Plants by Bree Claffey

635.965 LAN
Plant Style : How to Greenify your Space by Alana Langan

635.965 SCH
Wonder Plants 2 by Irene Schampaert

642.4 PED
Monica Pedersen Make it Beautiful  by Monica Pedersen

645 KAS
Suzanne Kasler : Timeless Style by Suzanne Kasler

645 MOR
Small Space Style : Because You Don’t Have to Live Large to Live Beautifully by Whitney Leigh Morris

645 PRO
Home Decor Cheat Sheets by Jessica Probus

645 RIE
Love the House You’re in by Paige Rien

645 SEA
Make Yourself at Home by Moorea Seal

648.8 FOR
New Minimalism : Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living by Cary Telander Fortin

720 JOD
Contemporary Interiors by Philip Jodidio

720.922 MCA
Poetry of Place : the New Architecture and Interiors of McAlpine by Bobby McAlpine

724 KAW
Alexander Girard, Architect : Creating Midcentury Modern Masterpieces by Deborah Lubera Kawsky

724.7 SAN
1000 Architectural Details : a Selection of the World’s Most Interesting Building Elements by Àlex Sánchez Vidiella

728.0948 WIL
Scandinavian Home : a Comprehensive Guide to Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian Designers by Elizabeth Wilhide

728.37 HIR
Designing your Perfect House by William J. Hirsch Jr

728.37 SUS
More not so big Solutions for your Home by Sarah Susanka

728.3702 VRA
202 Outstanding House Ideas by Bridget Vranckx

729 CHI
Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D.K. Ching

729 PIL
Perspective for Interior Designers  by John Pile

729 SER
200 Tips for Modern Interior Design by Marta Serrats

729 SER
202 Outstanding Modern Interior Designs by Marta Serrats

745.2 WIL
Great Design; the World’s Best Design Explored and Explained by Philip Wilkinson

745.5938 NER
Make your own Ideabook by Arne Nerjordet

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations by Annie Sloan

746.9 FAS
Welcome Home by Kaffe Fassett

747 BEC
Decorate : 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in your Home by Holly Becker

747 BOO
Elle Decor : the Height of Style by Michael Boodro

747 CRE
House Beautiful Style 101 by Lisa Cregan

747 FLO
Restore, Recycle, Repurpose by Randy Florke

747 FRI
How to Decorate by Shannon Fricke

747 GAI
Homebody : a Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines

747 GAT
Elements of Style by Erin Gates

747 GAT
Elements of Family Style by Erin Gates

747 HEL
Big Design, Small Budget by Betsy Helmuth

747 HEN
Styled : Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves by Emily Henderson

747 HOM
Home! : Best of Living Design

747 INT
Interior Design Master Class

747 JEN
Life on Mar’s : Creating Casual Luxury by Mar Jennings

747 LAS
Metropolitan Home Design 100 by Michael Lassell

747 LEG
City Farmhouse Style by  Kim Leggett

747 LIE
Habitat : the Field Guide to Decorating by Lauren Liess

747 MAC
Katie Ridder Rooms by Heather Smith MacIsaac

747 MAK
Makeovers : Room-by-Room Solutions

747 MER
Inspire Your Home by Farah Merhi

747 MIN
Minimalist and Luxury Living Spaces

747 NEW
New cottage style

747 NIS
Dazzling Design by Amanda Nisbet

747 OLS
Candice Olson Favorite Design Challenges by Candice Olson

747 ONE
1000 Home Details

747 OWE
Fabulous! : the Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt by Mitchell Owens

747 PAY
Let’s ask Michael : 100 Practical Solutions for Design Challenges by Michael Payne

747 RIC
Sarah Style : an Inspiring Room-by-Room Guide to Designing Your Perfect Home by Sarah Richardson

747 SAI
No Place Like Home by Stephen Saint-Onge

747 SOT
Sabrina Soto Home Design by Sabrina Soto

747 STE
Step-by-Step Home Design and Decorating by Clare Steel

747 STO
The Art of the Interior by Barbara Stoeltie

747 WAT
Mad About the House by Kate Watson-Smyth

747 YIP
Vern Yip’s Design Wise by Vern Yip

747.092 BER
The Things That Matter by Nate Berkus

747.092 ROB
Decorating the Way I See It by Markham Roberts

747.0948 SIM
Simply Scandinavian

747.0973 DEG
Home : the Art of Effortless Design by Ellen DeGeneres

747.0973 PER
Vintage Remix by Kishani Perera

747.0973 SIK
Beautiful : All-American Decorating and Timeless Style by Mark D. Sikes

747.0975 SOU
Southern Living Style

747.0976 THO
Marfa Modern by Helen Thompson

747.1 BLA
Design Mom : How to Live with Kids by Gabrielle Stanley Blair

747.1 FON
Frank Fontana’s Dirty Little Secrets of Design by Frank Fontana

747.1 PAL
Salvage Secrets : Transforming Reclaimed Materials into Design Concepts by Joanne Palmisano

747.7 RUF
About Decorating : the Remarkable Rooms of Richard Keith Langham by Sara Ruffin Costello

747.7708 CON
Essential Children’s Rooms by Terence Conran

747.78 SER
Modern Bathrooms by Marta Serrats

747.791 OLS
Family Spaces by Candice Olson

747.797 HEY
In Julia’s Kitchen by Pamela Heyne

747.94 ASH
The Right Color by Eve Ashcraft

747.94 BAR
Pale and Interesting : Decorating with Whites, Pastels and Neutrals for a Warm and Welcoming Home by Atlanta Bartlett

747.94 CAL
1001  Ideas for Color and Paint by Emma Callery

749.3 JOH
Bookshelf by Alex Johnson

FOLIO 701.85 MCC
Design in Black and White by Janelle McCulloch

The Authentics by Melanie Acevedo