HOPE NEVER DIES / Andrew Shaffer

If you’re looking for a light, silly, end of summer read, check out this ridiculous but hilarious fan fiction about Barack Obama and Joe Biden in their post White House days, fighting crime together.  Obama and Biden play a sort of Holmes and Watson role as they embark on investigating the mysterious death of Biden’s long time Amtrak buddy.  The book touches on the 2016 election, the opioid crisis, motor cycle gangs, infrastructure problems, and more timely topics.  If you are familiar with the well-known “bromance” between Obama and Biden, and don’t take this book too seriously, you will likely get a kick out of it.  My only disappointment is that it isn’t a graphic novel, because the cover art is absolutely priceless.  Lucky for us all, this is the first in a book series, so we’ll have plenty of detective Obama and Biden hopefully to come.     Deb  9/14/2018

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