Horror Movie Recommendations: Creepy Creatures

Get in the spooky spirit with some scary cinema! We’ll be making movie recommendations all through the month of October for all you horror fans. So viewer, beware: you’re in for a scare!

(Within reason, that is. Be sure to check out these titles beforehand to make sure the content is appropriate for your preferred level of spookiness—and watch at your own risk!)

Color image of an egg-shaped object leaking neon green fluid from a crack in its shell, positioned against a black background.

Alien (1979)

After a deep space commercial vessel intercepts a transmission coming from a nearby moon, the crew investigates a strange chamber filled with slumbering alien life. When one of the crew becomes infected with an alien parasite, the remaining members are hunted and terrorized as the parasite’s natural instincts make them its prey.

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Color image of a bearded man in a cowboy hat wearing a solemn expression. Beneath his silhouette are four men on horseback riding through the desert.

Bone Tomahawk (2015)

A doctor’s assistant is kidnapped from a sleepy Western town by a tribe of inhuman troglodytes. The town’s well-worn sheriff and his ragtag posse – including the kidnapped assistant’s wounded husband – ride into the wasteland to retrieve her.

Available in the Adult Services Media Collection and on hoopla.

Color image of six women in front of a cavern tunnel, their bodies positioned to roughly mimic the shape of a skull.

The Descent (2005)

A group of friends embark on a spelunking expedition that quickly goes sideways when the cavers discover that the cave has never been charted or explored before. Not only do the cavers have to navigate their way out of the cave, but they must avoid being hunted by the creatures lurking and stalking them in the dark.

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Color image of the underside of a great white shark swimming up from the ocean, mouth open and teeth bared. Above it swims a woman doing a breaststroke across the water's surface.

Jaws (1975)

A cozy coastal town is plagued by an oversized Great White shark with an appetite for human flesh. A hunt for the beast ensues, led by the town’s sheriff, a young marine biologist, and a charismatic shark fisherman with decades of experience.

Available in the Adult Services Media Collection.

Color image of a humanoid figure wearing a dark-colored snowsuit standing in the snow, with an icy beam of light obscuring its face.

The Thing (1982)

A team of researchers in Antarctica uncover an empty research base that houses a frozen specimen of an alien life form. When the alien thaws, the team discovers that it has the ability to shapeshift – taking the form of any being it consumes.

Available in the Adult Services Media Collection.

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