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IF IT BLEEDS / Stephen King

This collection of short stories (or three short stories and a novella, if we’re being precise) is a perfect read for October.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone answers the question, “What happens when you call a dead man’s phone?”

In The Life of Chuck, the world seems like it’s ending but there are billboards, sky-writing, and ads everywhere proclaiming “Charles Krantz, 39 great years! Thanks, Chuck!” Who is Chuck and why is all of this happening?

If It Bleeds is a novella featuring Holly Gibney and is a direct sequel to The Outsider. If you enjoyed the previous books featuring Holly, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

An aspiring novelist decides to visit his dad’s cabin to write in Rat. During a bad storm, he rescues a dying rat and the rat begins to talk to him and asks him to make a deal.

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