Cover page of the novel with two young women in white dresses sitting on the grass facing each other.

Inseparable / Simone de Beauvoir


Inseparable/Simone de Beauvoir

When Sylvie meets new student Andrée and the start of the school year, her world changes. Sylvie is studious and obedient, doing her best to cautiously excel as a pupil (and a person); while Andrée is clever and nonconformist, held to high standards by her supportive but strict family. Together, these two young women develop a friendship built on mutual understanding and deep love, as Sylvie becomes enamored with Andrée’s sense of independence and cunning.

But as the girls mature, the pressures they experience grow with them. No longer entreated to behave like good girls, Sylvie and Andrée must plan to live as women, marrying well and starting their families. When Andrée begins to struggle under the weight of these expectations, Sylvie tries to support her beloved friend – all while watching her slip further and further away.

Written by Simone de Beauvoir to commemorate the first “great love” of her life, this previously unpublished novel celebrates the power and passion of youthful friendship. Available in Fiction.

EB: February 2022

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