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Klara and the Sun / Kazuo Ishiguro

Klara and the sun / Kazuo Ishiguro
Klara is an intelligent and observant AF, or Artificial Friend.  She lives in a department store with other AFs until she is selected by Josie to be her friend.  Josie, age 14, has been genetically “lifted” and is often ill and unable to get out of bed.  Josie’s mother is harboring guilt over the death of her daughter Sal and is sometimes rather abrupt with Josie and Klara.  Klara’s companionship with Josie is touching.  There is nothing Klara won’t do for Josie, including delivering notes to a young man next door and saving Josie’s life.  This book is delightful.  I read it quickly on my Kindle using Libby/OverDrive.  (Available in ebook and eaudio with Libby/OverDrive.)

KY: April 20, 2022

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