cover image of Lore Olympus, volume 1: a pink-skinned woman with flowing pink hair rides a dark horse positioned against a bright pink background; while above, a blue-skinned man in a dark suit stands amidst a dark cityscape.

Lore Olympus


Lore Olympus / Rachel Smythe

A modernized take on the classical Greek myth “The Abduction of Persephone,” sensitively and beautifully re-imagined in graphic novel format.

Life on Olympus is full of interest and intrigue – but for the young goddess Persephone, it’s an overwhelming education in acclimating to big city living. Having lived most of her days in rustic simplicity, Persephone struggles to adapt to the complex and chaotic social structures that surround her fellow gods and goddesses. This is made all the more complicated when she meets Hades, ruler of the Underworld and one of the most powerful gods of the Pantheon.

Persephone figures it’s a pretty bad idea to develop a crush on all-powerful Hades, and Hades comes to a similar conclusion as soon as he meets the beautiful and intelligent Persephone. But who – even the gods – can escape the pull of burgeoning romantic attraction, or deny the whims of destiny?

EB: Nov2022