A hand is drawing snowflakes to highlight Zentangle and Drawing resources.

Marcia’s Cozy Corner

Marcia highlights some books and activities designed to help you relax.  These are geared to all ages.


741.2 ART
The art of Zentangle : 50 inspiring drawings, designs & ideas for the meditative artist / edited by Stephanie Meissner
Teaches artists of all skill levels the meditative process of combining shapes and lines to make interesting artwork. Zentangle is also known as decorative doodling. 

741.2 MCN 
Zentangle Basics / Suzanne McNeill 
Decrease stress and increase creativity with intuitive art of Zentangle. 

hoopla ebook 
Mandala Zentangle: the mindful way to creativity / Jane Marbaix 
Mandala-like imagery emphasizes the meditative and therapeutic nature of Zentangle method. 

hoopla ebook 
Zentangle: the inspiring and mindful drawing method  / Jane Marbaix 
This book shows how beautiful images can be created from repeating patterns. No art background is necessary. 

The Hobbies and Craft Reference Center database also contains articles on Zentangle.


741.2 SCH
Dare to sketch : a guide to drawing and sketching on the go / Felix Scheinberger
Here’s an inspirational and instructional guide to sketching and drawing. Offers wisdom to overcome creative blocks and fear of making mistakes. (Also available as an ebook on Libby/Overdrive.)

741.2 DOD
Keys to Drawing / Bert Dodson
55 tips for beginner, stimulates your imagination through creative play.

741.2 CUR
Drawing and sketching : expert answers to the questions every artist asks  / Vera Curnow
From knowing the right equipment and fixing common mistakes, this book will build your self-confidence.

740 WAL
Drawing for everyone: classic and creative fundamentals / Bruce Waldman
This accessible and practical guide to realistic drawing basics has wide appeal. 

MP: September 21, 2021