Cover illustration of a young boy's face looking into the distance, with a dark red rectangular strip of color leading down from the top of the book cover to below his eyebrows.

Meadowlark / Greg Ruth, Ethan Hawke


Meadowlark/Greg Ruth, Ethan Hawke

Cooper’s father, Jack “Meadowlark” Johnson, was a talented boxer back in his day. Now, Jack is a prison guard who’s estranged from his family, trying (and failing) to make things right with his ex-wife and teenage son. While Cooper idolizes who his father used to be, he struggles to reconcile who his father is now. This struggle becomes even more challenging when Cooper discovers his father’s involvement with a prison break, and Jack’s continued, misplaced efforts to turn things around for himself and his family.

Told over the course of a single day, Meadowlark is a sharp, striding coming-of-age story that carefully considers the intensity of the bond between father and son. Beautifully illustrated by Greg Ruth, with story and dialogue crafted by Ethan Hawke.

EB: 19Mar2022

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