Image of a man's face half-illuminated by a yellowish light, while he smiles threateningly. The film's title is superimposed in large red text over his eyes.



MEN / Alex Garland (director)

In the wake of personal tragedy, Harper travels to a remote English village to spend time alone and process her grief. Her solitude is interrupted, however, by recurrent sightings of a strange figure in the forest – a figure that encroaches closer and closer upon her. Finding no help from the strange men that populate the village, Harper is forced to confront the growing threat alone, as well as the past that haunts her.

Exquisite cinematography, brilliant sound design, and powerful performances by the cast, MEN is a reflective and unnerving narrative. Fans of Ari Astor’s Midsommar and Robert Egger’s The VVitch will recognize the genre conventions in this folk horror film (and casual filmgoers, be warned: this one is disturbing).

EB: Sept2022