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Check out these books about history coming to the Adult Services Collection for the month of August. For a complete list click here.

909.04395 ROA
Empires of the Normans: Conquerors of Europe / Levi Roach

A brilliant global history of the Normans, who—beyond the conquest of England—spread their empire to eventually dominate Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

941 YOU
Hitler’s Girl: The British Aristocracy and the Third Reich on the Eve of World
War II
/ Lauren Young
This alternative history of 1930s Britain examines how fascist sympathizers in the aristocracy nearly helped authoritarianism take hold in Great Britain as it did in Italy and Germany through secret organizations like the Right Club.

946.04 ROB
Incomparable Realms: Spain During the Golden Age: 1500-1700 / Jeremy Robbins

Incomparable Realms offers a vision of Spanish culture and society during the so-called Golden Age, the period from 1500 to 1700 when Spain unexpectedly rose to become the dominant European power. But in what ways was this a Golden Age, and for whom? The relationship between the Habsburg monarchy and the Roman Catholic Church shaped the period, with both constructing narratives to bind Spanish society together.

973.0495 CHO
Asian American Histories of the United States / Catherine Ceniza Choy

This history of Asian migration, labor and community formation in the U.S. emphasizes how the Asian American experience is essential to any understanding of both our history and current day crises.

973.7 ADR
Healing a Divided Nation: How the American Civil War Revolutionized Western Medicine / Carole Adrienne

At the start of the Civil War, the medical field in America was rudimentary, unsanitary, and woefully under-prepared to address what would become the bloodiest conflict on U.S. soil. However, in this historic moment of pivotal social and political change, medicine was also fast evolving to meet the needs of the time. Unprecedented strides were made in the science of medicine, and as women and African Americans were admitted into the field for the first time.