Remarkable creatures : epic adventures in the search for the origins of species / Sean B. Carroll

This book chronicles the entire history of evolutionary biology. Carroll starts with the travelers who explored faraway lands and contributed to the theory of evolution. The new field of paleontology sought to find missing links.  Java Man, the Cambrian fossils of the Burgess Shale were discovered and the unearthing of Homo habilis helped support Darwin’s speculation that man’s origins were in Africa. Going further back in evolutionary time the Tiktaalik find was a link between fish and tetrapods. Out of the field and into the laboratory, the molecular clock confirmed that Neanderthals were our cousins but not direct ancestors.  Once the genetic code was cracked science was able to extract the DNA from ancient hominid and positively locate human origins in east Africa. Carrroll gives us an adventurous read with many remarkable discoveries and naturalists.   Celeste 12/4/2017

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