film cover image of a long-haired man wearing a black tophat and a gray smiling mask.

The Black Phone


The Black Phone / Scott Derrickson (director)

Times are tough for Finney and Gwen Blake. Between their father’s violent moods and the bullies they face at school, the siblings navigate their tentative, troublesome world by defending each other. But there’s nothing they can do to protect themselves once The Grabber – a serial kidnapper of young teenagers – makes an appearance in their town. When The Grabber’s influence separates Finney and Gwen, the siblings are forced to rely on their own abilities (and their own struggles) to return to each other.

Fans of Stranger Things and Stephen King’s It will enjoy this fast-paced thriller. With an exceptionally strong cast and a host of classic horror elements, The Black Phone is a hard-hitting and surprisingly heartfelt watch.

EB: Jan2023