Cover image of a young girl's silhouette with her arms outstretched, set against a light orange background.

The Girl With All the Gifts



The Girl With All the Gifts / M.R. Carey

Humanity has been dead for two decades, lost to the ruination of a globe-spreading fungal infection that has had catastrophic effect on the human species. The only hope for mankind lies in a few stalwart groups of scientists and militants, who try to keep the hoards of infected humans at bay while they search for a cure. That cure may lie in a dwindling group of young children, all of whom have no idea that they’re being used as research subjects.

A heartbreakingly human story of the possibilities of the apocalypse, The Girl With All the Gifts explores the capacity and necessity of adaptation in one’s quest to survive. This novel serves as a companion piece to Carey’s prequel novel, The Boy on the Bridge. The Girl With All the Gifts was adapted into a film of the same name, exceptionally cast and briskly, brutally depicted.

Also available as an audiobook on Libby/OverDrive. 

EB: 07/2022