This is the cover art for The Gods We Can Touch by the artist Aurora. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Decca and Glassnote, or the graphic artist(s). An edited photograph of Aurora that shows several reflections of her with a dark green dress, while standing on tiptoes. Behind her is a backdrop of red curtains that also cover the lower corner of the image.

The Gods We Can Touch


The Gods We Can Touch / Aurora

The third studio album by Norwegian triple-threat singer, songwriter, and record producer Aurora. Heavily inspired by Greek mythology, The Gods We Can Touch explores themes of abuse, empowerment, and emotion with as much majesty and metaphor as can be. An electric and ethereal performer, Aurora celebrates the inspiration she’s gotten from nature, her homeland, her hosts of devoted fans worldwide, and her own rich inner landscape.

This is an album to sit back and savor. Each track is full of harmonies, arrangements, and allusions that are carefully-curated to create a sense of awe in the listener. Aurora’s vocals and lyrics are full of such control and conviction, they bring tears to your eyes. Fans of Enya, Florence + The Machine, and Billie Eilish will find a new friend in this incredible young artist.