Albu cover art for Murder By Death's album THE OTHER SHORE

The Other Shore


The Other Shore / Murder by Death

A solemn, gorgeous journey through space, told by a voice that sounds like a friend.

The Other Shore is the eighth album by indie rock band Murder By Death, and a triumphant installment to their notably vivid, voluminous sound. Like some of their other works, this is a concept album that tells a singular story that spans the first track to the last. In the last days of Earth, a few survivors of a catastrophic apocalypse flee into the dark void of space, hoping to reunite on the other side of the galaxy.

You’ve never heard anything like Murder By Death, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another band that combines such deep, velvety instrumentation with such strong, soulful vocals. This trip through space prompts reflection and awe, so be sure to set aside some time to listen to The Other Shore without interruption.

EB: 09/2022