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THE PIONEERS / David McCullough

When most of us think of pioneers and the western territories we are typically picturing covered wagons, Oregon Trail, and surviving hostile Indian attacks. In this book, The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought the American Ideal West by author David McCullough (fast becoming one of my favorite authors for history and non-fiction) it is made clear that, soon after the United States gained independence from Great Britain, our national boundaries included west as far as the Mississippi River. At that time the wild west meant places like the Ohio Territory (aka Southern Michigan today). And that is where this book focuses its attention but also provides some broader context within the North American continent and even the world. But if you want people to see you as a real Ohioan, you’d probably better read this book to learn what was the first capitol of the Ohio Territory, where did many of the cities and streets get their names, why so many Indian names used when the Indians had bee moved further west, etc. In his typical style, David McCullough makes what could be a dry history lesson interesting and maybe even exciting (especially if you don’t get out much)! I’ve read several books by this author already and I’m always up for another one. Definitely recommended to true Ohioans and even immigrants from other states.                David 12/31/2019

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